Stephanie Aikin

Stephanie Aikin began training at a young age.  Like most new trainers, she started her career working for a corporate training facility, where she learned the ropes of the trade.  With this broad foundation of knowledge, she moved to a service driven personal fitness training business, where she decided that helping others achieve a healthy fitness level was her true passion in life.  She soon went into business on her own working as an independent contractor-personal trainer.  Stephanie wanted to enrich her personal training experience and knowledge, so she reenrolled in school and earned a degree in the field of Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health Promotion, from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California.  Stephanie has finished school, however, she continues to educate herself.

Stephanie’s training regimens are each tailored to fit her clients’ personalities. She focuses on individualized care based on movement patterns and way of life. In her evaluation of the individual’s needs and goals, she then designs the most efficient and effective workout. Stephanie’s philosophy merges life, health, and daily challenges into a balanced perspective that her clients can use to achieve a fit lifestyle.  She motivates her clients to maintain a consistent adherence to exercise, giving them a healthy balanced life.  Stephanie says, “There are no, overnight solutions found in any program that leads to long-term success”.  Seeing the positive results that her training produces, her clients remain committed to following the fitness regimen that she develops for them.

     Stephanie works well with individuals who want to condition for life.  She helps people who are unable to accomplish what they want to accomplish, by helping them increase their level of function.  Stephanie sees herself as bridging the gap between physical therapy and personal training.  In her experience, she, successfully trains a wide variety of clients, from those who want to work out hard and increase lean muscle, to those who want to lose weight, to those who enjoy outdoor activities, and to those who are simply interested in a positive change in their lives.