I have been training with Stephanie for over two years. In this time I was able to lose 50 pounds and drop from a size 14 to size 6. Stephanie set up routines that allowed me to reach my goal weight, but more importantly she taught me how to live healthy. Stephanie educated me on developing better eating habits and focusing more on nutrition. She also develops routines for our workouts that helped me develop my inner core as well as strength and endurance. She is always switching things up to keep up my training and to keep it from getting boring and routine. Stephanie spends of lot of time coming up with customized personal exercise plans, as well as stretches.  She is encouraging, motivating and excellent at teaching proper usage of equipment & exercises. She has extensive knowledge and experience, which allows her to be able to make sure you are using proper form. She is able to encourage without making it feel like boot camp. I have thoroughly enjoyed training with her. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is looking for an excellent trainer. I am thankful that I was placed with her, I’m not sure that I would have been as successful with anyone else.

Veronica Jaramillo

As the manager of the club where Stephanie trains, I have seen first hand the progress she makes with each and every one of her clients. She has consistently shown me how good of a trainer she is. She has a tremendous success rate with her clients. Her style of training is one of a kind. She is compassionate and understands each of her clients needs to help them achieve their individual goals. I support her in her work and hope she continues doing what is obviously, her passion. 

– Brenda Winner-Foothill Gym

Starting out as a beginner, I first went to Stephanie for instruction in the best use of my home equipment and to establish a workout routine that I would be comfortable with.  I certainly got more than I bargained for!

In the past few months I have become completely comfortable with my equipment, I have gained strength and endurance, and have learned to make lifestyle changes that will have lifetime results for me.  I have been encouraged and challenged.  I have enjoyed Stephanie’s style of professionalism and her ability to motivate and challenge me while maintaining a relaxed environment.

– Susan Johnson

At the age of 45, I brought myself to join a gym and made a pact with myself to ‘get in shape.’ This was not an unfamiliar step. I had, over the years, committed myself to health plans and fitness regimes, to fad diets and products that promised to build muscles with a minimum of time and effort. All too good to be true—all missing some essential ingredient to success…

– Lucas Crown