Mountain Mover’s BaseCamp

Days & Times: 
MON, WED, & FRI 8:00 AM.
AM:   Indoor classes are MONDAYS and FRIDAYS
PM:   Indoor classes on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS
MOVE YOUR MOUNTAIN FITNESS: 120 E. Santa Clara St.  Arcadia, CA

Field Class: At various locations in Arcadia, Sierra Madre and Monrovia which will be announced weekly in an e-mail to the class. You will know where to meet ahead of time.

Two of the days will be indoor training with a focus on strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and core conditioning. We have dumbbells, kettle-bells, medicine balls and other equipment at our disposal at the studio. You will be taught proper form and use of the equipment so as to maximize your training experience and avoid injury.

Two days will be outside, “field” classes. Field classes will incorporate the strength and skills learned indoors and bring them outdoors for an added cardiovascular and endurance building workout where we can enjoy our fabulous Southern California evenings!

ALL TRAINING IS SCALED TO ABILITY.  Our outdoor class will include walkers, joggers and runners.
Our intention is to build a community of people who are interested in improving their fitness while having fun. We believe that the camaraderie and accountability of the group environment will inspire and motivate our members to set and reach their own individual fitness goals.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Male or Female 14 years of age and over. Sorry, no child care is available.


New members are $137/month. You have the opportunity to train 4 days a week, that is 16 classes a month, amounting to ONLY $7.50 CLASS! NO LONG TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED.

2 responses to “Mountain Mover’s BaseCamp

  1. Hello,
    I would love to sign up for your classes. I was a little confused by start date? Do you have classes in August or are they beginning in September. Is the price$67 or $95. Please advise. thanks Lupe

    • HI there Lupe, I thank you for reaching out! I actually have to apologize we have changed our program a little since this fit camp.
      However, what we are doing now is way more of a regular thing. I’ll drop you an email to give you a little more insight. But the class that we are running is 4 nights a week, Mon. Tues. Wed. & Fri., starting at 630pm, 2 nights indoor and 2 nights outdoor. For new comers there is a chance to try it out the first week of every month for $25. If you are very interested in getting started we could make it happen next week. Thank you again! Stephanie

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